Jewish Community in Ghana

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The House of Israel in Ghana is a Jewish community, which claims to have a connection to the Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.


Legends of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel are generally associated with those who suffered the Assyrian invasion of the northern kingdom in 732 BCE. Their ultimate fate and the preservation of their traditional identity have been debated among Christians and Jews to this day. Theories concerning this migration remain unproven in terms of genealogical or archaeological evidence.

Jewish historian Josephus wrote, “an immense multitude…of the ten tribes” existed beyond the Euphrates River – to the east.  Contradictory sources, such as the LDS, suggest the tribes migrated west instead - as far as the New World. In the present age this popular myth exists alongside others of its type such as the Legend of Prester John and El Dorado. 

Ghana was the first nation from Black Africa to establish diplomatic relations with the modern State of Israel.  Since that time, both nations have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship in spite of suggestions otherwise made by proponents of a divisive American political agenda.   

Written by Richard J Paracka


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