The Struggle

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Only God knows the future, the past too ugly to repeat.
I live here in the present to wander earth on believer’s feet.

Does some tragic scene await, should I smile, or should I dread?
With Holy Force I ask in prayer, “Father, give me my daily bread.”

The human likes new things, but the Son in me says, “No need.”

I fight a daily battle, to sometimes lose to Satan’s weeds.

Have I lost?  Of course, not.  Scripture reads Messiah died and bled.
Then rose to prove He conquered death, please believe, is what God said.

So, why the struggle if I win?  Why don’t I just relax today?
‘Cause He also says, I should testify, and will help me to obey.

Image: Aivazovsky I. The Ninth Wave. Fragment.

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