Steve Wohlberg

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Steven Wohlberg was walking along the beach with Seth, his 2-year-old son, when Seth saw some other boys throwing stones into the water. Seth picked up a stone and with all his might threw the stone into the air. The stone went backwards and hit his father right in the mouth. Taken back Steve felt to see if he had chipped any teeth.

Feeling the blood coming from his lips he thought he should teach Seth a lesson about being accountable for his actions. “Seth,” Steve said as his boy turned around toward him, “you hit daddy in the mouth with that stone. Say you are sorry.” His little boy just looked at him. “Seth you hit daddy in the mouth with that stone,” Steve repeated. “Say ‘I’m sorry daddy.’” Seth said, “I’m sorry daddy,” turned, and started to walk away. Steve could tell Seth was not really sorry. He was just saying it because his father told him to. As Seth was walking away from his father he stopped and turned towards hi dad again. This time there were tears in his eyes as he said, “Daddy I’m sorry.” (Steve Wohlberg’s life story is recorded in the book “From Hollywood to Heaven.”)

There is a difference between admitting wrong and repentance. Admitting wrong comes from guilt. True godly sorrow, true repentance comes from God moving upon our hearts.


Originally from: Jewish Discoveries page 31-32

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Posted on Shalom Adventure by: Jeff Zaremsky

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