Gad Elbaz, Dudu Fisher Feat Saul Dreier - Change the World

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Gad Elbaz, an Israeli Jewish singer who has recorded numerous well-known albums, and Dudu Fisher, Israeli cantor and theatre/stage performer who featured as Jean Valjean in the Broadway musical Les Misérables, have combined their artistic gifts and co-produced a powerful song inspired by the solemnity of the Holocaust and the plethora of sad events and deaths throughout the world today.

“In the darkness of nighttime, I lay tossing in my sleep; when an angel appeared in a dream, he looked at me with wistful eyes and he began to speak his words.

Bore deep into my soul, the universe is beautiful, the sun, the moon, the stars a marvel of creation from afar. Sadly, you see man today stumbling his way in a whirl of chaos and pain.

Change the world, end the cries, see each other with clear eyes, learn this day to live, to love like brothers. Like brothers, you are living in a wide world in a rainbow of color. The story of mankind on their faces fight the dark tide. Find your light, seek the spirit in your life, learn this day to lie like brothers, like brothers.”





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