Rose Lipszyc

Rose Lipszyc was born to a Jewish family in Poland in 1929, and lived a life of relative peace, stability, and childhood innocence until the Nazis deported her family to the ghettos where her parents and siblings perished at the hands of the Nazis. However, Rose herself was able to miraculously survive the Holocaust under a false identity, impersonating a Polish child worker in Germany where Polish labor was very commonplace and in demand to save her life. Almost all of the Jews from Rose’s hometown in Poland perished in the Holocaust, and the video includes some of Rose’s testimony on surviving that dark time in history.

After the war, Rose married her husband Jack, and the couple immigrated to Israel, and then later to Canada, where she is active in Holocaust education making sure the younger generations know what happened to her and her family in hopes such a tragedy will never again happen.

Written by Erin Parfet