Holocaust Survivor Edward Mosberg

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Ninety-three year old Edward Mosberg, holocaust survivor of the World War II German labor camp at Mannhausen, testifies of his experiences.

Built above a granite quarry outside the city of Mannhausen, the SS labor camp where Mr. Mosberg was held had been initially constructed with funds provided in part by the German Red Cross.

Mr. Mosberg testifies of being forced to move huge amounts of rock up and down a long flight of stone stairs, which was a signature landmark of the quarry. When asked his opinion of a man who claimed the death camp didn’t exist, Mr. Mosberg said he’d gladly take the other man’s hand in his and jump off the quarry’s cliff with him.

Edward Mosberg is living proof of the German government’s policy of mass murder of the Jewish people for no reason other than their ethnicity. The seven-minute video is well worth watching.

Written by Richard Paracka







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