How to Make Kiddish

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kiddishKiddush, like candles, sanctifies the Sabbath.

Making kiddush is a simple religious act that sanctifies the Jewish Sabbath, making it distinct from the six other days of the week. It requires little in terms of preparation and execution, but makes a huge difference in the sanctity of the Sabbath table.

1.    Rinse out the kiddush cup. Silver cups made especially for the purpose are preferred, but you may use any cup that is free of imperfections.
2.    Fill the cup to the brim with kosher wine or grape juice.
3.    Open the siddur (Jewish prayer book) to the page for the appropriate day for the kiddush (Friday evening, Saturday before lunch, holiday evening, holiday before lunch)...
4.    Raise the cup with your left hand and transfer it to your right hand (if you are left-handed, use the opposite hands). Some hold the cup from underneath, while others hold it conventionally.
5.    Recite the appropriate text from the siddur. For Friday night, many have the custom of standing for the first paragraph; otherwise, they should be recited while sitting. All present should be silent until the recitation and drinking of the wine is complete.
6.    Distribute a small amount of wine from the kiddush cup to others at the table and drink the wine. The person who recites the kiddush should drink before anyone else. Some have the custom of pouring a small drop of the kiddush wine into a small jug containing a larger amount of wine or grape juice, and then pouring from there into smaller cups for everyone else at the table.

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