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Cleansing is the first step to health and wellness. Cleansing re-balances the body and prepares it for proper food absorption. Our bodies will not get the maximum benefits from our foods unless they are properly digested and absorbed.


The health of the intestinal tract plays a major role in our health holistically. "When the colon is clean and healthy, we experience a feeling of well being. When you are not eliminating properly, deposits of waste matter build up along the wall and in the pockets of the colon. These deposits are harmful. They make it difficult for the body to absorb minerals and nutrients through the intestinal walls.

Bowel problems cause nutritional deficiency no matter how excellent your diet is or how many vitamins you take." - (Trisha Ross, Certified Colonic Hygiene). Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of Optimal Health, says that a diet rich in raw foods, such as apples, celery, cabbage and broccoli, has a high enzyme content that will promote bowel cleansing.

In addition, acidophilus, aloe vera, eight to ten glasses of water, a fast of water and apple juice are especially cleansing to the bowels. God designs that the great subject of health reform shall be agitated, and the public deeply stirred to investigate: for it is impossible for men and women, with their health destroying brain-enervating habits, to discern sacred truth, through which they are to be sanctified, refined, elevated and made fit for the society of heavenly angels in the kingdom of glory.

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