The New Spinach Diet Decreases Food Binging

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"It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet."
― Margaret Mead

Spinach as weight loss? Has Olive Oyl secretly become a spinach addict?
Is Popeye quietly wondering where his canned spinach stash has gone?
Wimpy should put down the burgers and join Bluto (AKA Brutus) in this innovative diet plan.

The August, 2015 issue of the journal Appetite should please both overweight hobbits and vegetarians. Swedish dietitians have uncovered a delicious finding regarding spinach, which might inspire dieters on either side of the meat-eating/

meat-abstaining fence.

DEFINITION: (Various online dictionaries): Thylakoid

Thylakoids are saclike membranes in the outer membrane of plant cells which are often arranged in stacks called grana and are the site for the light reactions of photosynthesis.

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Swedish doctors (Facility OF Medicine, Lund University) have found that the consumption of thylakoid-rich spinach reduces hunger in overweight women.
Researchers gave a single portion of spinach to a group of women before they enjoyed their breakfasts and found that thylakoids (compared to control group):

Increased satiety (14% increase); Significantly reduced hunger (21% reduction);
Reduced cravings for all snacks and sweets during the day (36% reduction);
Reduced cravings for salty (30%); sweet (38%); and sweet-and-fat (36%) snacks

Researchers concluded:

"Thylakoids may be used as a food supplement to reduce homeostatic
and hedonic hunger associated with overeating and obesity."

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