Soy Industry Says "Soy Vey" to Being Critical of Beans

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"Once in a golden hour, I cast to earth a seed.
Up there came a flower, The people said, a weed."
- Alfred Lord Tennyson

European Food Safety Authority Says 'No Evidence of Harm'
from consuming soy isoflavones; Not Related to Breast and
Uterine Cancer or Thyroid Disorders in Post-Menopausal Women

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The European

Food Safety Authority – which is the food regulatory arm of the
European Union, much like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the
U.S. – conducted a comprehensive review of the available scientific evidence
and released a report on October 21 that says there is "no indication that
isoflavones at levels typically found in food supplements cause harm to
post-menopausal women." The Soyfoods Association of North America
welcomes this latest evidence that continues to show the safety of soy and
soy isoflavones (commonly referred to as phytoestrogen).

Reviewing 43 human studies and 62 animal studies, the Panel on Food
Additives concluded it is safe for women to consume soy isoflavones daily
without concern of breast and uterine cancer and thyroid function.

I had a long and pleasant discussion with Andrea Albersheim (202-659-3520)
who represents the soy industry, which includes organically grown soybeans,
non-organic, and genetically engineered soybeans.

I took the opportunity to ask difficult questions, including:

"Do you believe GMO soybeans are dangerous for humans to consume?"

She responded, "Ninety-five percent of the soybeans grown in the United
States are used as animal feed, and food manufacturers traditionally use
non-GMO soybeans for human consumption."

I then responded, "Many food manufacturers use GMO soybeans,
accepting FDA representation that there is no difference."

Her response surprised me as it is contrary to most industry policy:
"We fully support a consumer right to know what they eat. We also
support a farmer right to grow his choice of beans." I could not argue
with such an eloquently-stated professional opinion.

The Soy-marketing arm of the soy industry representing tens of thousands
of soybean growers goes against the formal policy of the Grocery Manufacturers
of America (GMA) who lobby congress to deny people that right. I was pleased
to see that the agency representing the soy industry is not one of the bad guys.

We share a dislike and lack of respect for those ignorant self-declared
experts (which includes many physicians) who continue to be soy critics
while offering patients incorrect and dangerous advice.

"How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct."
- Benjamin Disraeli

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