5 Wonderful Treatments with Used Coffed Grounds

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You may drink coffee for the eye-opening caffeine, the rich aroma, or the comforting warmth. But don’t toss out those old grounds when your morning pot is empty!

You can infuse your beauty routine with the fresh grounds of your wake-up ritual by reusing your coffee grounds in these great holistic beauty treatments. And although I'm not a coffee drinker, it's still a great way to create an exfoliating skin tightening spa treatment.

Exfoliate and Scrub: Old coffee grounds make an excellent facial exfoliate, gently slouching off dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy looking skin underneath. Here’s an easy recipe to make a simple exfoliating facial scrub at home:

4 Tablespoons coconut, olive, or preferred oil
6 Tablespoons very finely ground coffee (previously brewed is fine)
A few drops of tea tree oil, or preferred essential oil, are optional. Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator. To use, scoop out a small portion and gently buff in a circular motion on face. This mixture will keep for several weeks.

Combat Cellulite: The caffeine in coffee grounds is thought to enhance fat metabolism and increase circulation, thereby possibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. And the exfoliating properties will certainly make your skin soft and smooth!

Get Shiny, Smooth Hair: The exfoliating and stimulating effects of coffee can be applied to hair as well! Try mixing used coffee grounds with your favorite conditioner and gently scrub your scalp for a few minutes. Not only will it feel great, but the caffeine can help stimulate new hair growth! Try this treatment once a week for best results. A note of caution, you may want to place some sort of catch (perhaps a recycled coffee filter) over your shower drain to keep the grounds from clogging your pipes when you rinse.

Boost Hair Color: Soaking hair in leftover coffee or scrubbing with grounds can deepen light brown or dark blonde hair color, add highlights to darker brunette hair, and give all hair colors incredible shine. Additionally, soaking skin in coffee leftovers can give the appearance of a healthy glowing tan without the sun damage.

Make A Mask: The stimulating effect of caffeine can perk up dull looking skin when you use coffee grounds as a facial mask!

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