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Ginseng has been treasured for centuries in Asia for its health benefits, and it should be.

Many studies have shown that ginseng is helpful in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Researchers of Vanderbilt University followed 1,455 women diagnosis with breast cancer over a period of 6 years. Those that used ginseng regularly reduced their risk of death by cancer by 30% and reduced they death by other cause by 29% compared to those that didn’t use it. The Scientists think the cancer benefits comes from phytoestrogens in the ginseng which counteracts the breast cancer risk associated with body’s own estrogen levels and binds estrogen receptors, yet is too weak of an estrogen to increase the body’s breast cancer risk. Ginseng seems to discourage cancers other than breast cancer as well. Korean researchers from the Cancer Center in Seoul followed 4,634 subjects for 5 years comparing those that didn’t use ginseng to those that did. In the end it was found that regular ginseng users have a 60% lower risk of developing any kind of cancer compared to those that didn’t use it.

Ginseng also improves the immune system, increases the body’s production of interferon (a natural antiviral) and increases the production of pathogen-devouring cells. Many studies suggest ginseng can prevent the common cold. The University of Connecticut did an experiment with 43 adults over 65 in which some were given a placebo or ginseng (400 mg) on daily. During month 1 and 2 both groups had the same amount of colds, but by month 3 and 4 those on the ginseng had half the amount of colds as the those on the placebo(32% compared to 62%), and those on the ginseng that did get sick got better faster than those that had the placebo (6 days compared to 13 days).

Ginseng seems to also have a load of other benefits. A Danish study of 112 adults were tested for their cognitive abilities before and after taking 400 mg of ginseng or placebo daily for 8 weeks. Those on the ginseng showed significant improvements in brain power while the placebo showed no change. Italian researchers found male gym teachers taking ginseng had more stamina, and better reactions than those on placebos. A study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, University of Toronto found three grams of ginseng to lower blood sugar after meals in diabetics. Taking 900 mg of ginseng three times daily has been seen as an aid for those with ED and ginseng can increase sperm count in those with fertility problems.

With so many benefits, why not ask your doctor if there is anything stopping you from taking ginseng today?

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