How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain

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One of the most important and least understood organs of the human body is the brain.  Despite being only two percent of our total body weight the brain consumes twenty percent of the energy we require for normal daily activity. The food we eat is the fuel it uses to regulate how efficiently the rest of our bodies work.

Balanced nutrition affecting brain function and development comes from fats, proteins, micronutrients and glucose.

Fats determine post meal apathy or alertness while protein rich foods manipulate emotion or behavior. Micronutrients provide a defense against brain disease and help the organ to work longer and more efficiently. Glucose, in the form of carbohydrates, sustains brainpower and determines whether we experience a surge or sag of energy after eating.     

Different types of food provide the energy and resources our brains need to keep the rest of our bodies healthy and productive.

Written by Richard Paracka





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