Tea Skin Care

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green tea skinGreen tea, has a long and rich history.

Its the most natural healthy tea discovered in China roughly 5,000 years ago. Back then, it was used to treat digestive problems, aches, and weak immune systems. Today, it’s used in hundreds of different ways. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. And it’s already used in hundreds of skincare products available everywhere. But, have you ever used tea as a skincare product on its own? It might seem a little strange applying a tea bag to your eyes or to a sunburn, but reusing items in your own home is the epitome of being eco-friendly. Try utilizing tea in your skincare routine by using these tips below!

Spray It: Are you out of your favorite toner? Use a tea bag over your trouble zones as an astringent, this solution that can help tighten your skin. Wipe the tea bag across your face and blot away with a towel.

Dab It: The tannins in the tea can help reduce puffiness, as well as get rid of under-eye circles. Simply soak a tea bag in warm water and place on your eyes for 20 minutes.

Steam It: Create your own luxury facial steam with a bowl of hot tea! Add a few cups of hot water into a bowl, drop in a few tea bags, and place your face over the bowl for five to 10 minutes. Allow your pores to naturally soak in all of the antioxidants and hydrate your skin.

Soak It: The antibacterial properties come into play when you soak your smelly, sweaty feet in a tea bath. Soak your feet in strongly-brewed tea for 20 minutes, and voila!

Calm It: Whether you have a child who just lost their first tooth or you’re an adult with a mouth sore, applying a used, cooled tea bag to the problem area will ease the pain. The tannins help to restrict the blood vessels which can stop any bleeding and reduce swelling. Tea bags can also reduce itching produced by any rashes or insect bites.

Rinse It: Rinsing your hair with tea can give it shine and make it easier to manage. However, please note that this only works for darker hair colors as tea will likely temporarily dye lighter hair colors.

Shrink It: You already know that tannins can help reduce puffy eyes and swelling, but it can also shrink warts and boils. Apply a warm bag to the problem area a few times a day until it disappears!

And Finally … Drink It: Tea can help you reduce inflammation from the inside out. Instead of tackling the inflammation and redness from the outside, try preventing it before it happens. Drinking tea can help prevent retaining water all over your body as well as make you look and feel thinner. Additionally, tea is also an anti-allergen. Any usual allergic response that could show in your skin could be prevented by quercetin, a flavanol in black tea.

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