Hydrotherapy with David DeRose, MD

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An ancient therapy, as far back as recorded time and beyond, without the need of a prescription or pharmaceuticals, can be utilized in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  What is this amazing “Water Cure”?!  It’s HYDROTHERAPY

In this concise video, Dr. David DeRose, MD gives a clear, simple example of how we can utilize this very effective therapy in a practical way. Dr. DeRose focuses on the use of Hydrotherapy, specifically contrasting hot and cold, to relieve pain and reverse neuropathy. This is nerve damage primarily affecting the toes, feet and legs as it progresses, causing pain and numbness.

Sixty percent of the population has pre or full blown diabetes. Fifty percent of diabetics will eventually succumb to neuropathy. Conventional medicine only offers meds that have known side effects. No known real help or cure on that path. Hydrotherapy’s usefulness is boundless, giving real help with those suffering with:

• Headaches
Arthritis, Joint and Muscle
• pains
• Colds
• Sleep disorders, and so much more.

Dr. Simon Baruch, a Jewish Physician (July 29, 1840-June 1921) pioneered the use of hydrotherapy in his time.

Dr. DeRosa’s books and DVDs are a must have for those interested in being proactive in your own health and can be obtained on his website, compasshealth.net. Along with that is offered invaluable free information. He also offers a 30 day series on YouTube.

Written by Mindy Jacobs



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