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Using water treatments for a fever & congestion
(See below for medical disclaimer):

I try to raise the temperature of the body as much as possible. The reason our bodies naturally create a fever is to kill the virus or bacteria that is causing us to get sick. Normally the world tries to lower the body temperature with medicines, but that is counterproductive to what God created our bodies to do. (If the fever gets too high 104-105 F / 40-40.5 C it can be dangerous to vital organs and needs to be lowered immediately).

I raise my body temperature by taking either a hot bath or hot shower. Hot tubs work great as well.

Hot bath is better as it keeps the whole body hot at the same time, but it is good to have someone assist by bringing water to drink, ice pack to the head, and checking the temp of the water & body, and to watch to see if I faint from getting too hot – a bathing suit can be worn if necessary.

Hot bath:
1. Before all treatments I pray and allow God to heal whether instantaneously or through the remedy.

2. Drink some water.

3. I put a very little hot water in the tub, stand in it to get used to the hot water, then sit in it, then lay in it, then add more hot water so that the body gets used to it as it fills the tub. I keep an ice pack on the head, drink cool water, and enjoy the hot bath.

I “Cook” myself as long as I want (as long as I don’t raise my body temperature above 104 F / 40 C for an extended period of time. I usually stay in until the water starts cooling off, even then sometimes I have drained some water and added more hot water).

4. Then I cool the body down either by showering off with cold water or pouring cold water on the body. (Or if I were using an outside hot tub I could jump into a snow bank ). I want to use as cold of water as I can stand. The purpose is twofold. One I want to close the pours, second I want to circulate the blood (more on that below). After using cold water for about 30 seconds, I towel off quickly, and get into warm clothing quickly. I don’t want the body to get chilled for an extended period of time.

5. I drink some water.

6. I praise the Lord.

7. And then I go and rest or take a nap, and let God’s amazing immune system kill what is causing the sickness, and heal the body. I will pile on as many blankets as possible. I will fall asleep and awake in the sweat. I then change into other clothing and go back to bed. For me, when I awaken in a cold sweat the fever has broken and - praise the Lord - we have won the battle.

Sometimes one bath is all it takes, sometimes two or three a day over two or three days will do it.

In the 40 years of doing this I can only remember few times that it took me more than a day to recover. I can credit only remembering a few times it taking more than a day to recover to a wonderful miracle healing God, a healthy immune system built by daily living according to God’s instructions, and a poor memory.

Hot & cold shower:

As with the hot bath the purpose is to raise the body temperature to a safe amount to kill the virus or bacteria, and to circulate the blood.

I usually don’t need an assistant for this. I can do it sitting or standing.

1. As with a hot bath (or any treatment) I start with prayer.

2. I drink water.

3. I shower with the water as hot as my body can take it without burning. I keep the hot water on the body for about 3 minutes turning every so often to get the entire body. As my body gets used to the hot water I gradually increase the temperature.

4. After the 3 minutes of hot I make the water as cold as my body can take it for 30 seconds. (I usually start praising the Lord to get my mind off of the shock, and will turn my body around much more frequently then when it was hot, and will rub my body with my hands or wash cloth to stimulate the blood cells and to offset the cold.

5. I repeat the hot and cold for 3 or more times. I end with cold, towel off quickly, put on warm clothing, drink some water, praise the Lord, and take a nap under a bunch of blankets as with the Hot Bath treatment.

Circulating the blood:

The importance and benefit of circulating the blood is to bring new white blood cells to the area needing healing. For example if a person has a runny nose or a sore throat the white blood cells are fighting in that area and I want to bring reinforcements from the feet and other parts of the body to that area to assist and change out those white blood cells. The hot and cold shower does just that. As the body gets hot the blood goes to the extremities to cool off causing the skin to look reddish. As the body gets cold the blood goes to the heart to preserve the vital organs (we are certainly fearfully and wonderfully made by a Great Loving Creator). This process of moving the blood to the skin, to the heart, to the skin, to the heart, etc. circulates the blood and brings new reinforcement white blood cells to the area that is needing healing. This same principle works for an infected cut on a toe or any other healing the body is needing.

(This is only my own personal testimony and is not meant as medical advice in any way, shape or form. Each person is responsible for their own decisions and actions and should seek professional medical advice in making their decisions).

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