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Water is an all-purpose cleanser both inside and out of the body.

It is an abundant and effective agent for washing away dirt, germs, and bacteria. All our tissues, vital fluids, and secretions contain a large percentage of water. Water is of great importance in maintaining health. It is the basic component of all existing things.

The skin is one of the organs the body uses to eliminate waste products. If these impurities are allowed to remain on the skin, they can cause illness. A clean body and surroundings are indispensable for physical and mental health.

A glass of water acts as a bath for the digestive system, cleansing and refreshing it. If we could follow the stream of water into the hidden places of our bodies, we would see it washing away the poisons in the blood that are circulating through the kidneys. The kidneys must work harder if not enough water is supplied to the body. When caring for the sick, be sure that you do not deny your patient plenty of fresh air, water, and sunlight.

Only Water Works

Other beverages are unable to purify like water. Soda and coffee can no more clean the inside of your body than they can the outside. All the chemical processes by which the body operates require an adequate supply of water in order to keep the body functioning at peak efficiency. If water is not made available, the body consequently suffers and cannot do its work properly.

A lack of water dehydrates the fluids, tissues, and cells of the body. It causes the blood to thicken, increasing the risks of stroke and heart disease. Dehydration can mimic hypoglycemia, causing headaches, tiredness, and fainting spells.

The body loses at least ten cups of water every day. The food we eat provides two to four cups of water, so we need to drink at least six to eight glasses each day to replace the difference.

Pure plain water is the best way to replace the fluid you need. Many sugar-laden beverages actually result in a loss of water from the system, because it requires more water to metabolize the sugar in a drink than the drink itself provides. Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics which cause the body to lose water. You need an extra glass of water for every high-sugar, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverage you drink.

It is very important to know that drinking water with meals dilutes the gastric juice and slows the digestive process. The best time to drink water is between meals.

Water is a remarkable aid in the treatment of disease. When you are ill, drink plenty of water. This replaces any fluid lost during a fever and insures that every part of your body will function well.

Water Purification

Not too many years ago, pure water could be found easily; but humankind has been extremely careless and has contaminated most water supplies.

To remedy our carelessness, we have resorted to the use of chemicals in the water supply in an attempt to purify it. One great menace is fluoride. Water has become a distasteful commodity and is now even less pure due to addition of chemicals like fluoride.

Water regulates the body's temperature, acts as a medium for cellular reproduction, and keeps tissues soft and permeable. Water is the essence of life.

External water treatments can be helpful, in some cases, in helping the sick get well. Hydrotherapy was the name given to these water treatments, which rally and stimulate the body in the healing process.


Written by: Kay Chamberlin

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