Good Morning My God

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When I awake, You are the first thought on my mind.
When I awake, the joy of Your presence is mine.
Thank You my God for this day.
Thank You my God for my life on this day.
You are my everything, You are my life.

Teach me Your ways oh Lord.
Send me a sign of Your desires for me.
Let me be everything You need me to be.

You are my creator and my God.
You are my inspiration, my life.
The air that I breathe belongs to Thee.
My hopes and my dreams are promised through Thee.

Oh my God, let me be all that You want me to be.
My promises in the future are tied to Thee.
Let it be the way it is meant to be.

Your love for me is endless,
Your blessings and favors they cover me.
Without Your love, I can never be the person You created me to be.

When I lie awake, my thoughts turn to Thee
To give thanks to You for Your love for me.


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