Metamorphosis from a Worm to a Butterfly

  My beloved Yeshua  where am I now in the transformation for Thee?
Am I still in the cocoon waiting to be liquefied and made into a butterfly or is my breakthrough almost complete.
My beloved Yeshua I want to thank You for giving me the chance to become a butterfly and to serve Thee.
My beauty will be so astounding that all will want to be a butterfly like me and then I can show them how this miracle of transformation is done through Thee.

First we are born and live in sin and then through Your love and word we transform over time into the beautiful butterfly You might see living in Your presence trying to influence others into becoming like Thee.
I am searching for my true destiny created by Thee,  and once my transformation is complete, I shall know exactly what You want me to be.  So thank You, my Lord, for spending time with me creating that beautiful butterfly that lives inside of me waiting to be set free for Thee.

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