Leah's Hoda'ah

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With her words Leah built her house,
Yearning for her husband's care.
With each new son she hoped he'd espouse
The love she longed to share.

Would the L-rd turn her affliction,
Living as the unloved wife,
Into the same blissful affection
She saw in her sister's life?

When her vision lifted at last
From her earthly life mundane,
Her own attachment was forever recast
Upon love of the higher plane.

With the faithful hope she'd newly won,
Leah's ecstatic spirit then soared.
She declared over her fourth born son,
"Now I will praise the L-rd!"

As she named her son Yehudah,
A sacrifice of praise rose from her heart;
New spiritual portals opened with her hoda'ah,
And for him sealed the scepter--never to depart.

(Note: Hoda'ah is Hebrew for Thanks)

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