The Largeness of Love

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I’ll try to define - One small word, Love
Does fill all the earth - And heavens above

Minds can’t surround - The magnitude of
The simplest forms -Of this thing, Love

Love is a baby - Asleep in his bed
Before one small notion - Has entered his head

Love is a mother - Giving her best
Putting herself - Behind all the rest

Love is a father - Seeing the needs
Fulfilling his duty - Teaching good deeds

Love is a young girl - No fear of the fall
Delivers her heart - To one handsome and tall

Love is a young man - His first love has met
He knows in an instant - The hook has been set

Love is a couple - Life challenges to face
Keeping a haven - In one special place

Love is a caregiver -Alone in the night
No pay or reward - Doing what’s right

Love is a soldier - In a far away place
Fighting for freedom - for some unknown face

Love is a stranger - You chance to meet
Who sees you are weary - And gives you his seat

Love is an angel - A man in disguise
Who rescues from trouble - Or makes you more wise

Love is our Savior - His paths we can trace
Led to a cruel cross - His blood is our grace

Love is Our Father - Who offered His Son
To die among thieves - Per chance, to save one

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