Needing a Miracle

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I've wronged my Lord and Savior,
Why even a prayer for me?
I've let Him down too many times.
Now I'm a man who cannot see.

How long I've fought this fight,
But He holds me in one place.
My prayers pray in disbelief.
God's back touches my face.

My thoughts are not always holy,
My actions often the same.
Do I feel His Spirit leave me?
No one else should share the blame.

Prayer thoughts darkly hollow,
No tears left for me to shed.
My heart feels empty and alone,
Left only with growing dread.

A famine sweeps through a shaky mind,
Witnessing what I cannot feel.
Am I just another soul,
For the Adversary to steal?

God knows I need a miracle!
Please Father, take hold my soul.
Send your chills of joy and peace.
I allow you total control.

terry miller

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