The Warring

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Have you heard of an age of love without time? How can this be?

Life is marked by pain 'within' time. That's reality.

Have you heard this age has no crying only gladness, and no fear of death?

I live in a world of tears and sadness, we struggle for every breath.

This Book, written through time, explains of an age of beauty and rest.

Laying out a different path; narrow but lit, winding with tests.

Focus on now, repent and march forward, in My hands I will keep.

Rely and obey on Who I sent, until, for all, it's time to sleep.

How do I put this carnal self away? And ignore this flesh at war?

You should humble yourself and pray. Open the Savior's door.

The stumbling is not an outward show, it's within, and it's time and again.

Trust My proofs; My love changes a willing heart, and prophecy wins in the end.


terry miller

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