What Ever Happened to Judy

Have you sometimes wondered what happened to friends that you grew up with? I have, we all have.

Judy Katz was a Jewish girl that I grew up with and went to school with from first grade to Junior High (I'm dating myself because I think you refer to it as middle school these days.) Judy was a lovely girl even as a pre-teen. She had dark brown hair, a soft spoken voice, and a complexion that was reminiscent of a Sabra from Israel. She was a beautiful young lady, and I had a crush on her that wouldn't quit. At the very mention of her name, my heart went into orbit. She was a very popular young lady at school; but, even as a young person, she had a dignified air about her.

As I walked home from school one afternoon with my friends, Judy walked with us. I got all tongue tied talking to her I was embarrassed. At last my friends turned into their streets, and Judy and I were alone. Yes! I lived on Glendale Avenue and Judy lived on Throckly Avenue. We lived about six blocks from each other. As we walked, I got up the courage to ask her if she'd go to a movie with me some weekend. To my surprise she asked me for a specific weekend. I heard myself, like Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners, say, "Homona, homona (farblunged-Yiddish for confused); how about this coming weekend?" I didn't drive yet and Judy didn't either; but Judy said, "If my parents agree, we can walk to the movie theatre." Walking to the movie theatre with Judy Katz, I couldn't believe it! The weekend came and I walked flew would be better to Judy's house. We held hands all the way to the movie and back. I could have died while walking with Judy and I wouldn't have cared. I had it bad! I wonder whatever happened to Judy?