Ben Blatt

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Ben Blatt was a driver for a large company. He worked hard, delivered his packages on time, was friendly with the customers, and met all the job requirements. Yet the company refused to permit him to take Saturdays off to accommodate his Sabbath observance. 

 He was written up for refusing to work on Sabbath, and was eventually fired. When pressured by the Federal government's civil rights agency, the EEOC, his employer agreed to put Ben back to work, but did not put him back as a driver.

Instead, they made him unload the bulkiest, heaviest freight. This was the worst job in the company, and the lowest entry-level job. It was humiliating and backbreaking work. Even in this job, Ben was required to work Friday nights, with no accommodation for the fact that Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday.

Ben was out of work for more than three years. At first, companies refused to hire him because he had been fired from his previous job. Then, they wouldn't hire him because he had been out of work so long. His unemployment benefits ran out. He was unable to support his son in college, to make his car payments, or to contribute to the support of his wife, whose meager salary supported them both. He became depressed and despondent.

Eventually, Ben and His lawyer, Alan Reinach, prevailed in his court case and won a large out-of-court settlement, on the eve of the trial. He decided to leave Los Angeles and move to Florida. Amazingly, ten days after settling near Tampa, he found a good job, where he is well liked, has good pay and benefits, and best of all, he doesn't have to work on Sabbath.

Ben is not alone, nor is he unique. He had the courage to stand up for God, like Esther, and to be faithful no matter what the consequences. He paid a high price. The enemy tried to discourage him, and succeeded for a time. He was out of work, out of money, but he was not out of God's love and care. God sustained Ben during this time, and brought him out of darkness and into the path of blessing.

There are many Ben Blatts in this world, who endure suffering because of their faith. Around the world believers are still persecuted and subject to death for their faith in God. Even in America, those who choose to follow God, no matter what, may suffer intense discrimination. But God does not abandon His children. You can trust God, no matter what!

Originally from:  Jewish Discoveries by Jeff Zaremsky, pages 354-355, which contains a total of 22 fascinating chapters of biblical history and lessons plus 25 rich Jewish tradition sections, and 27 powerful testimonies, with over 40 beautifully rendered professional works of art all on over 300 jam packed pages.  You can own this treasure by visiting

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