The Fee

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In the waning light Evil smiles,

His roaring time is presently here.

He watches the masses rush for play.

Knowing it's him they should fear.

 Darkness no weapon against heaven's heirs.

The "saved" walk cautiously in peace.

God's Spirit and promises intertwine,

Waiting a near future release.

One answer to spiritual conflict;

Try as we might, life is not a human power.

We must feel our mortality,

To understand our ending hour.

Those who seek, God hides nothing,

For so many ways we can see.

The Creation reveals the Son.

Faith in Him is the only fee.

But to follow Y'shua prepare for war,

Evil hates faith.  But don't break.

He may live to steal, kill, and destroy,

However, God's Truth overcomes the Snake.




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