Living the Mitzvah

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When my wife and I moved to North Carolina from Florida, we gave up a good support system.

  Both of us live with physical disabilities, and frankly, we need some help.  We moved into a senior community and though we liked our new home, we needed a new support system.  That's where some new friends Jim and Judi came into our lives.  We found out that they'd worked with disabled people for much of their lives, and they were more than willing to befriend us.  What a relief!

We met Jim first, and we immediately became fast friends.  Judi came into the picture later.  Jim was retired, but Judi still worked.  Jim drove me to the chiropractor twice a week for many months, and all of us would go out to eat often.  Eating out is my wife's favorite thing to do. Jim and Judi love helping people!  They've helped many in our community.

Growing up in Judaism and the Jewish way of life, the mitzvah (good deed) was always prominent.  There were Jewish people who lived this way, but not to the extent that Jim and Judi do.  They're not Jewish, but they live the mitzvah.

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