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Sydell Greenberg grew up in a wonderful Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York. As a result of a rough period in her life she started searching for God. Shortly thereafter she accepted Y'shua as her Messiah. Her mother, Ann, despised the idea of Sydell accepting Y'shua as the Messiah and for the next 20 years tried to make Sydell regret her decision.

Sydell eventually moved to Florida and joined a congregation called Temple of the Advent Hope in Hollywood, Florida. There she met Curtis Jones. Despite their differences in upbringing they hit it off and had the common bonds of faith in Y'shua and love for people. After Curtis and Sydell married they started the Ariel Congregation in Lake Worth, Florida.

When Curtis was young he loved to sing Christian music. As a teenager he sang in the youth choir. When he grew older he was a prominent singer in the adult choir. Over the years he sang with quartets and was regularly asked to sing solos for different

occasions, such as weddings. But the most memorable song of his life was when he was singing Hevenu Shalom Alechem while painting the apartment of his mother-in-law, Ann Greenberg. Ann asked him where he learned the song. Curtis told her that it was one of the many Jewish melodies that he sang at the Friday night Shabbat service. The idea of a goy singing Jewish melodies touched her heart. She even accepted Curtis' invitation to start attending services with him and her daughter Sydell.

Sydell couldn't believe it. She had tried for over 20 years to lead her mother to a knowledge and acceptance of Y'shua but had never gotten a good response. Now her mother was attending services with them and learning how much Y'shua loved her. To keep a wonderful story brief Ann Greenberg accepted Y'shua as her messiah at age 91 and was immersed by her son-in-law. Something as simple as a Jewish melody may be the opening to a person's heart.

Originally from:  Jewish Discoveries by Jeff Zaremsky, pages 210-211, which contains a total of 22 fascinating chapters of biblical history and lessons plus 25 rich Jewish tradition sections, and 27 powerful testimonies, with over 40 beautifully rendered professional works of art all on over 300 jam packed pages.  You can own this treasure by visiting

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