Cyril Miller

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Cyril Miller has seen God answer many prayers in his life. When Cyril was about 14 years old he contracted a staph infection from a scratch on his arm. In just a few hours his body was raging with an extremely high fever. This was before penicillin was available to the public. The doctors treated him with hydrotherapy and kept his head packed in ice to avoid brain damage from the fever. His temperature was 108 degrees. The physician explained to his parents that if the infection settled in his brain, heart, or other vital organs, there would be no hope. Cyril's mother quickly called some friends in two different cities and asked them to join her in prayer. Amazingly, the next morning Cyril's temperature was normal and he continued to get better each day. His parents asked the physician, "How much do we owe you?" His reply was, "Absolutely nothing! God has healed that boy."

Another time Cyril was in a dreadful auto accident with a tractor-trailer. The impact knocked him unconscious. He awakened temporarily and found himself surrounded by people trying to pry him loose from the motor that had trapped his right foot. He heard someone say, "We're going to have to cut off his foot to get him out of here." He begged them not to cut off his foot and then he became unconscious again. The next thing he knew he was being taken by helicopter to a major trauma center where they rushed him to surgery. Cyril asked for a piece of paper and a pencil. He wrote, "Please, do not amputate my foot." He handed his note to the medic and said, "Please give this to the surgeon." Again he became unconscious and remained so for about a month. Many of his bones were broken. He got a staph infection in his wounds, developed pneumonia, and was put on a respirator. However, thank God, the surgeon was able to save his foot.

One night during the 4th week of unconsciousness, the doctors told his friends he wasn't going to make it. Cyril's friends came to his bedside and offered earnest prayers for God to save his life, if it was His will, and to allow Cyril to continue his service to Him. It was a miracle! The next morning his temperature was normal and he soon became conscious and gained more and more strength every day. The Infectious Disease Specialist said with deep conviction in her voice, "there has been Divine intervention in your behalf."

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