Broken Pasta Dreams and Restored Faith

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One day I was in the mood for food (well many days I am in the mood for food), but I had something very specific in mind.

I was going to make pasta and there was a big box of pasta that I was counting on to eat during Thanksgiving (yeah, I know pasta is not really the most traditional Thanksgiving food but when you are broke you do what you can). So I put a pot of water on the stove to boil and afterwards went to scoop up some of the dry pasta from this huge box to add to the boiling water.

But as I sifted through the huge box to add the pasta to the boiling pot, I noticed something seemed wrong. There didn’t seem to be just pasta in there, but mixed in among it was what looked like a white web like substance and I definitely was not interested in eating that and didn’t bother to add it to the water. Disappointed, I put my pasta dreams aside and turned off the stove, and left the pot of hot water on the stove to cool and I forgot to pour out the water I seemingly wasted my time to heat up.

So what does a wasted box of pasta and a pot of water have to do with restored faith? Well let me tell you. That seeming wasted pot of water that resulted from the box of defective pasta I misguidedly put my hopes in wasn’t so wasted after all. You see, soon after that attempt at pasta the water to the house was cut off due to nonpayment. I had thought that the water bill was paid on time long before but it seems that the funds never did come out or maybe that bill was confused with another bill. Anyway, after the call to make the payment was completed because of how the payment was processed it took some time for the bill to show up on their end and as such it also took some time for me to get water back.

But because I was disappointed by a box of pasta and apparently wasted my time filling a pot of water which was left on the stove, I had some extra water to help me out while waiting for the running water to be restored. This reminds me of a verse in the Bible from the Jewish teacher Paul. “We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. Even the disappointments in life can work out for our good and help restore and strengthen our faith in God. So, when you face disappointments in life remember that God can turn what seems like a waste into a blessing, just like the large box of questionable pasta and abandoned pot of water.

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