God’s Care

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Most of the time I prefer to write humorous, light hearted things.

This time I want to write something more serious. Not somber, but hopefully uplifting. Some years ago I came upon a short paragraph In a book that was life changing. I want to share it with you in the Hope that it will be life changing to you too!

“God’s care is over all of His children.

He loves them all, and makes no difference, except that He has the most tender pity for those who are called to bear life’s heaviest problems. God’s children must meet trials and difficulties. But they should accept their lot in life with a cheerful spirit, (here it comes) remembering that for all that the world neglects to bestow, God Himself will make up to them with more than they can even dream of!” Wow! Obviously that writer understood the love of God. Let’s Stretch our minds in faith to understand that love too.

Picture: Mother and baby by Anna Cervova

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