Louie, Louie!

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I loved going to my aunt Lilly’s house when I was kid to play with my cousin Al. I also liked being with aunt Lilly. Next to my mother, she was my second heart. Everything was great until Al would fight with his sister Geraldine.

One day I bicycled over to play with Al. I came in the midst of a fight Al was having with Geraldine. My uncle Louie was just getting home from work.

Aunt Lilly went out on the porch and called out, “Louie, Louie, Al is fighting with Geraldine, and they’re going to kill each other. Come in quick, and take off your belt.” Uncle Louie came in the house lickety split with his belt in hand. Al knew that he’d had it because uncle Louie would never use the belt on Geraldine.

Al ran into the bathroom and before he could lock the door, uncle Louie opened the bathroom door, belt in hand. Curtains! All I heard next was Al wailing in the bathroom.

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