A Lawsuit with God

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One of the most beautifully haunting pieces of cantorial music I have ever sung was called A lawsuit with God. An old pious Jew by the name of Berdeshever stands at the Western Wall and begins by saying good morning to God. Then he changes his cordiality and tells the Creator of the universe how disappointed he is with Him! What chutzpah! Berdeshever is angry because God allowed so many difficulties to come to His chosen people, the Jews. He tells God he will not move from the Western Wall until He straitens things out! He pours out his frustration vehemently.

Then he comes to his senses and remembers who he’s talking to. He then praises God for His goodness and mercy. He pours out his love for his God! Berdeshever is still frustrated, but he tells God that he knows He can handle the situation. By yielding to God’s divine will, he finds peace.

We all have a little Berdeshever in us until we remember who we’re talking to. Some of the most comforting words our God ever said to us were “I have loved you with an everlasting love…” You can stake your life on that.

Photo by: Alexandra Obrevko, www.boruh.info


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