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T'shuvah is the Hebrew word, for lack of a better term, meaning return. The Jewish writer Erich Fromm, who was also a practicing psychoanalyst, uses the word t'shuvah in his book, "The Heart of man, it's genius for good and evil." T'shuvah is return to yourself, return to the right way, and ultimately return to God.

Mankind is fragmented and until he finds t'shuvah, he's unbalanced. Erich Fromm was a humanist, but being a psychoanalyst and a Jew, he saw t'shuvah as the main answer.

We're all detached, and we grope for meaning in life. It's not a simple matter, this t'shuvah: we have to fight for it, or better yet, let our Creator do the fighting for us. Only then, will we have true peace.

Picture: Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur by Mauritcy Gotlib, Public domain

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