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Around the year 900 BCE, when Israel was not following the Lord, God sent the Jewish prophet Elijah to king Ahab and told him that it would not rain anymore until he, Elijah, gave the word.

During this draught Elijah was fed by a raven  who brought him food, and later on by a widow women who had almost no food but who's food supply miraculously never ran out.

 After 3 years of no rain God sent Elijah back to king Ahab.  Elijah challenged King Ahab to bring all who had been worshiping the idol Baal to meet him on Mt Carmel.  When they met together Elijah told them to kill two bulls and lay them on two stone altars.  Elijah stated that whoever was the true God would consume his bull with fire. The worshippers of Baal started calling out to their god.

After hours of shouting, dancing, and cutting themselves to appease their god, Elijah called the people to himself.  Elijah told them to pour water on top of the Lord God's bull, making it soaking wet and forming a large puddle around it.  Elijah prayed and God brought fire down from heaven, consuming not only the bull, but also the wood, the stones, and the dirt around it.  The people of Israel turned back to the Lord God and it began to rain.

We do not need miraculous demonstrations of God's power to follow Him.  History testifies of His power and love.  Whether we see miracles or not we should follow God by faith with love and devotion.  If we do not have enough faith to believe in Him, we can ask Him to give us more faith and He will.  Our faith will also be strengthened as we spend time reading about the miracles He has already preformed as recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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