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God commanded Elijah, the prophet of the Lord, to go and anoint Elisha to be a prophet to replace him.  Elijah came up to Elisha while he was plowing his farm.  When Elijah let Elisha know he was being called by the Lord Elisha went and kissed his father and mother good-bye and killed his oxen and cooked them, using the plow and yoke as wood for the fire.   Then he used the oxen to feed the people in his town.  In this way Elisha made it plain that he was not going to continue his profession any longer, but was devoting the rest of his life to the Lord's service.

Elisha had the privilege of watching God perform many miracles through Elijah.  One day as they walked along Elijah took off his coat and hit the waters of the Jordan River, causing the river to dry up before them.  Elijah asked Elisha what he could do for him before they separated.  Elisha said, "I want a double portion of God's Spirit that has been upon you."  Elijah told him, "If you see me depart from you then you shall have it."  With dazzling brightness a fiery chariot with fiery horses, came down and took Elijah to heaven as Elisha looked on.   Elisha took Elijah's coat, which he left behind, and went back to the Jordan River and hit the water saying, "Where is the God of Elijah".  The waters parted and he passed over on dry ground.  When the people saw the waters part they knew that the Spirit of the Lord that was with Elijah was now upon Elisha.

God would like to pour out a double portion of His Spirit upon you so that He can use you in service for Him.  If you are willing and desiring to receive His Spirit, ask Him for it right now.  Ask Him take all the wrong traits in your character and place them on the Messiah who died for you.  Then ask God to replace those traits with His Spirit, His thoughts, His Actions.

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