Elisha Oil

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A certain woman came to Elisha, the Hebrew prophet, and told him that her husband, who loved the Lord, had died and now the creditors had come to take her sons away to be slaves.  Elisha asked her what she had.  She responded that she had nothing except one bottle of oil.  Elisha told her to go to her neighbors and borrow as many empty containers as she could.  Then she and her sons were to go into their home and shut the door and pour what they had into the other jars and when each jar was full they were to put it aside.


Faithfully the woman and her two sons went and did as he said.  As she poured the oil it filled up one jar; she asked for another and when that one was full she asked for another and another and another until the sons told her there were no more jars. At that moment the oil stopped pouring out.  From that one bottle God filled up many, many bottles and containers.  The woman came back to Elisha and asked him what to do next.  Elisha told her to go sell the oil, pay off all the debts and live off the rest.

God is good!!! Isn't He?  He is able to provide for our needs as we trust in Him.  I have found this true in my life; I've seen such things as contact lens solution, shampoo and tooth paste last twice as long as they are supposed to.  I've seen gas tanks that have run long past empty, and cars running past 300,000 miles.  Only trust Him; only trust Him now.

We should also learn from this experience to stay out of debt and to plan ahead.  Whatever financial situation you might be in right now come to God thanking Him and trusting Him to take care of you, because He loves you.

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