Angel of the Lord

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Angel of the Lord is mentioned 52 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.  It was the Angel of the Lord who came to Abraham to stop his hand from sacrificing his son.  It was the Angel of the Lord who promised Abraham that He would multiply his seed to be as many as the stars in the sky. It was the Angel of the Lord who appeared to Moses out of the burning bush and commissioned him to go back to Egypt to set the Israelites free.  The Angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, a judge over Israel.  He also promised Samson's mother that she would have a son, and He taught her how to raise this special child.  The Angel of the LORD appeared to Elijah the prophet, as well as to King David.


Over and over again the Angel of the Lord came from Heaven to help God's people on this earth.  Many times the Angel of the Lord turned out to be God Himself; other times it seems that he was a messenger of the Lord.

King David gave us a wonderful promise about the Angel of the LORD, stating that "The Angel of the Lord camps around those who fear him and rescues them".

Do you have a respectful fear of the Lord?  Have you ever been concerned that your disobedience would cause God pain and suffering?  We should walk fearfully of letting Him down.  When the fear of dishonoring God's name is more important to us than our selfish desire to sin, God has promised us that the Angel of the Lord will surround us and deliver us from every temptation and will empower us to follow the Lord.

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