Elisha and Naaman

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Naaman, an army commander of Syria, brought back a young Israelite girl to be a servant after one of Syria's raids on Israel.

When Naaman became a leper the young girl told him of a prophet in Israel who could heal him.  The good character of this young girl must have impressed Naaman because he trusted her words and went to Israel.


When Naaman reached Elisha's house, Elisha sent his messenger to tell Naaman to go and wash in the Jordan River 7 times and then his flesh would be restored and he would be clean.  Naaman was furious, stating, "he could have at least come out to me and called upon the name of the Lord his God waving his hands over me and healing me.  Don't we have better rivers in Syria that I could wash in?"  Naaman's servants came to him saying, "if the prophet had told you to do something difficult wouldn't you have done it?  Why wouldn't you do this simple thing."

So Naaman went and dunked himself seven times in the Jordan River, according to the word of Elisha.  Naaman's flesh was restored as a child's and he was clean.

God wants to heal us of a much worse disease than leprosy; He wants to heal us of the disease of sin.  Whatever unbelief or wrong habit you are struggling with, God is alive and able to heal you.  God does not ask you to do something difficult to be healed and cleansed of your sin.  He simply asks you to believe in Him, to acknowledge your shortcomings and accept the Messiah's death for the forgiveness of your sins.  You can then ask Him to place His spirit and power within you to empower you to follow His words while walking humbly before Him.  Right now is a good time to ask Him for that.

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