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During a war between the Philistines and Israel the Ark of God, with the 10 Commandments in it, was taken away by the Philistines. Eli was the spiritual leader and Judge of Israel at this time. When he heard that the Ark had been taken he fell over, broke his neck, and died. Eli's daughter-in-law went into labor when she had heard what had happened. She called the baby Ichabod, which means the glory has departed.

The Philistines put the Ark of God in their temple with a statue of their god dagon. In the morning they found the idol laying face down before the Ark of God. They stood it back up again, but the next morning they found it fallen to the ground with its head and arms broken off the. They were so afraid they sent the Ark to the town of Gath. When it reached Gath that city began to experience great destruction, and the people started breaking out with tumors. The Ark was sent to another town which had the same experience.

Eventually the Philistines sent the Ark back to Israel with offerings, acknowledging their sin against the God of Heaven. They put the Ark on a wood cart pulled by two milk cows. Even though these milk cows had never pulled a cart before and had never been to Israel they pulled the cart right back to Israel without being led by anyone.


God is not pleased when His law is treated lightly, or disregarded, or changed. It is a transcript of His character, which He desires to write upon our hearts, changing us into His image. Right now ask God to forgive your disrespect for His law and ask Him to write them upon your heart, and give you the power and desire to have their principles lived out in your life.

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