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God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh with the commission to cry out against it, because of its wickedness. Ninevah was about 500 miles from Israel, yet GOD sent a Jewish prophet to these goyim to tell them of the love of GOD.

Jonah did not want to go, so he hopped on a boat heading in the opposite direction of Ninevah. A great wind came, which nearly ripped the boat in two. The sailors started to call out to their gods. When they found out that Jonah was running away from GOD's commission, Jonah told them to throw him overboard in order to stop the storm. The men did not want to do this so they tried everything they could to row to land. When they found it useless they prayed to the LORD not to hold this against them and they threw Jonah overboard. The storm ceased and the men began to believe in the LORD.

GOD is very merciful. HE sent a large fish to swallow Jonah. He was in the fish 3 days and nights when he prayed to the LORD his GOD. GOD caused the fish to vomit Jonah onto dry land. What a horrible experience awaits us if we disobey GOD.

Jonah repented of his disobedience and went the hundreds of miles to Nineveh. Jonah cried out that in 40 days the city would be overthrown. The people, including the king, heard the message and turned from their violent and evil ways. GOD saw their repentance and did not bring the destruction upon them. This made Jonah very angry.

Holding onto anger leads to depression. Jonah ended up praying for GOD to take his life. GOD had prepared a plant to cover Jonah's head from the hot sun, and this made Jonah very happy. In the morning a worm came and killed the plant. This made Jonah very angry. GOD said to Jonah, "You have had pity on the plant, should not I have pity on Nineveh?" If we would put as much time and care into helping the people around us as we do to the plants and pets this world would be a happier place.

We are like Jonah when we don't want to tell people that GOD loves them or if we get angry when GOD shows kindness to those whom we consider our enemies.

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