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Joash, who was only 7 when he became king, was the youngest king that ever reined in Jerusalem. This story is very interesting. Joash's great grandfather, Jehoshaphat, was a very good king, following the ways of God. When Jehoshaphat, died. His son Jehoram became king. He was so wicked that he killed all his brothers. He reigned 8 years and then died of a terrible disease. All of his sons, except Ahaziah, were killed by the Arabians. So Ahaziah became king. But he was wicked, too, and wouldn’t follow God. Ahaziah reigned one year and then was killed.

When his mother, Athaliah, heard that her son had died she went and killed all her grandchildren so that she could rule the nation. When the high priest's wife heard what was going on she hid the youngest grandson, Joash, in the temple. Jehoiada, the high priest, and his wife watched over the young child, who was only a few months old.

When Joash was 7 years old, Jehoiada called all the Levites to Jerusalem and set them as guards around the Temple. When everyone was in place Joash was crowned king. Everyone shouted for joy saying "God save the king". When Athaliah heard the people praising God, she came running into the temple. When she saw Joash wearing the crown she cried out, “treason, treason.” The guards carried her out of the temple and slew her.

Joash followed the Lord as long as Jehoiada was alive. All the places of false worship were taken down, and the temple was repaired. Unfortunately, after Jehoiada died Joash stopped following God. Sometimes that is how it is with us. We follow God only when we have pressure from those whom we respect. We need to learn to follow God all the time no matter who is around us.

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