America – Making Sense of What is Happening

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. America – Making Sense of What is Happening Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

Many unprecedented things have been taking place in America over the last 12 months (Feb 2020 – Feb 2021), but it all makes sense when we see it through what the Bible says regarding last day events. These events show us that God saw our day and accurately described it in the Bible. Thus He also knows our future and has also outlined that for us in the Scriptures. Rabbi Jeff overlaps the current events with what the Bible says. This puts everything into perspective and gives us hope as we move forward.

If you have had many questions and are in shock regarding the tumultuous events of the past 12 months then this sermon will give you answers and will strengthen your faith. The fourth angel of Revelation has begun to shout his message and will illuminate the world with God’s glory.

America in the book of Revelation? Rabbi Jeff has been preaching this same sermon for 30 years using Revelation to interpret where America is mentioned in the Bible. The events of this last year fulfill that interpretation, with more to come. See where America plays a prominent role in Bible Prophecy by clicking here.

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