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Selfies are getting a lot of attention these days. We see them in our Facebook newsfeeds we can even hear about being doing ridiculous things to get the prefect selfie in the news. People risk their lives for selfies, people stage their lives for selfies, many people seem obsessed with taking pictures of themselves but why? Now I don’t want to judge every person who takes a picture for social media that is not my intent. As a hardcore introvert I am probably one of the least social people on Facebook, I basically talk to one person and even then I prefer to use the private message option. My friend’s dog has Facebook profile may share more personal information on Facebook then I do.

I get it; some people need to share their lives with others. “To each his own,” as the saying goes. We all have our own styles, but why do we need to show pictures ourselves so much? It is possible to take pictures of one’s environment and share and even share pictures with friends and oneself, but when it becomes an obsession to get the best picture simply of self we need to start to ask why that is. Why do you need to post yourself online? Is this for someone who hasn’t seen you for a long time or are you looking for continual validation of your looks? Do you need others to affirm your worth? Do you think you are not good enough unless you look a certain way? Even if you have a good picture of yourself why do others need to see it?

The bigger question should be do you post more pictures about yourself (or other things like me if you aren’t into selfies) than you post things about God? We can lie to ourselves about our priorities and say we are focused on God, but the reality is that what we really care about the most will be reflected by our behavior. So let us just check ourselves and make sure that we are focus on the right things and that we are paying more attention to God than self. “Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.” Proverbs 4:23

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