YBD033 The Meaning of Numbers in the Torah, Part 21 No 600

In the previous 7 articles we looked at the number 6 and its related numbers 66 and 60. It is the number of Man. We showed that 6 has a bearing on 666. But 60, 66 and, in this article, 600 do not generally contribute much more to 666. We show they support the general premise that 6 relates to man. The next article concludes with a summary relating to 6, which will be an introduction to 666, the study of the famous number mentioned by John in the Apostolic Writings.

Six hundred appears in the Torah for the 1st time as Noah’s age when the flood came. It came on the 17th day of the 2nd month. Noah’s age of 600 at the flood is stated twice (Bereshit 7:6,11) signifying its importance, His age further emphasises the event by stating the flood receded in this 601st year (Bereshit 8:13). Articles YbD015-17 show that something stated 3 times is rare and hence important. It is like using bold or underling today. It can be a phrase, word or number. Noah’s age is mentioned 3 times as; “Noah was 600 years old”, “in the 600th year of Noah’s life” and “in the 601st year”. The flood and its resultant Covenant was the 2nd milestone event after the 6 day creation and fall of Man. The next was the Covenant with Abraham, then followed by the Covenant with Israel at Mount Horeb (Moses).

If we take the pre flood calendar of a 360 day year (YbD005) and 12, 30 day months (Bereshit 7:11,24, 8:3,4, 150 days or 5 five months of 30 days). The flood came on the 17th day of the 2nd month or 77th day (30+30+17) of the New Year commencing at the Nisan new moon. On the 77th column of the Torah scroll we have the crossing of the Reed Sea. An interesting coincidence or perhaps the logic of Adonai, as I believe. The flood description starts on the bottom of column 7 of the Torah scroll and he and his family, totalling 8 souls, leave the ark to start a new life in column 8. On the 1st of Nisan in Noah’s six hundred and first year the waters dried up from the earth. When we will study the number 7, symbolising completeness, we will see that it can be positive or negative. It is our choice whether completeness is positive or negative. Number 8 and the 1st day of a New Year, as we shall see, symbolise something new commencing.

The 1st time a word or number appears, it tends to define its meaning. The flood is the end of an era from perfect creation, to destruction because of sin. Sin and with it amalgamation entered into the world gradually until this evil endangered the remnant of the good that was left. Therefore 600, as the age of Noah, symbolises the state of the earth under the control of evil man. Adonai needed to divorce the good from evil.

The next 600 relates to the number of Pharaoh’s choice Chariots in pursuit of Israel. It appears that all the 600 chariots were destroyed with their occupants in the waters of the Reed Sea. The complete destruction of the chariots and the armed riders in the Reed Sea symbolises an end of an era. Here is an analogy to the flood, a divorce, but on a smaller or local scale. The symbolism of 600 stresses that Pharaoh’s conviction and determination was to destroy G-d’s people. Six hundred is mentioned only once in this story suggesting that the main point lies elsewhere.

All other references to 600 are outside the Torah in the Tanakh. The next five 600’s are in the book of Judges and relate to soldiers. A further 6 times 600 is mentioned in the Books of Samuel, again relating to men in the army. In 1st Samuel chapter 17 we have the story of Daniel and Goliath who was over 6 cubits tall (with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot) having a spear weighing 600 shekels. David, when king, bought the land, from Oman, on which the Temple was to be built for 600 shekels of gold. When the Holy of Holy’s in the Temple was built by Solomon, it was overlaid with 600 talents of gold. During the dedication of the 1st Temple 600 bulls were sacrificed. Later in his reign, recorded in the Book of Kings, Solomon made 200 shields, each of 600 shekels of gold. He also bought a chariot from Egypt for 600 shekels of silver. These chariots were exported to the kings of the Hittites and Syria.

This almost ends the study of the number 6. In Article YbD034 we will show a summary of the number 6 prepared from Articles YbD026-31 as a preparation to studying the interesting and much controversial 666. In article YbD035 we will study the mathematical connections between 6 and 666. Then in article YbD036 we will look at 666 in the Apostolic writings and the Tanakh.

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