Israel News for Kids About the War in Israel - Broadcast #2, Oct 30, 2023

In this program that provides news about Israel for kids, Assaf shares things he finds very exciting. One of the things he thinks is exciting is how much support Israel is getting from people around the world. He tells about how many people around the world sympathize with the situation, even though it has been very hard for people.

He reminds the audience that, in the last broadcast, Israel was at war and that members of the Israeli army, also called the IDF, are being brave in trying to protect people in Israel and strengthening the hopes of Jewish people, both in and outside of Israel. He reminds children that support is something that makes us feel good because it means others care about our situation.

When we feel cared for, that can make even hard times less stressful because we know we are not going to face the problem alone.  It is great to receive help, yet sometimes even if another person can’t be physically present, or personally deliver aid of any kind, just knowing that someone else is thinking about you and wants you to do well can be a source of great encouragement. It is also nice to know you are not the only person who is concerned about something that lays heavy on your mind. Support can help people who are struggling with anxiety and depression find ways to cope.

Have you thought of a time when you wished someone would come along and show you that they cared about you and your well-being?

If this has happened for you, do you remember how much better you felt knowing you did not have to deal with something alone? If another person has not been there for you, we can think of the ways God has helped us. “He comforts us in all our trouble, so that we can then comfort people in every kind of trouble, through the comfort with which God comforts us” (2 Corinthians 1:4).

When we are going through a hard time, it can be tempting to get hard hearted and disregard how others may be suffering, especially if “no one” (but God) is there for us. It is hard to give when you feel a lack, but it is good to try to remember the ways God helped, even if it was still hard and you lacked human support. It is good to practice empathy and consider how we can positively impact others and to treat them how we would have wanted others to treat us. Remember to look for ways to support and help others.

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