Shoah (Holocaust)

Recent Shoah (Holocaust)

Henry Ford

Hitler's "Great Man": Reversing the Legacy

In 1925 Adolf Hitler published his notorious two-volume manifesto titled Mein Kampf (My Struggle). It was an autobiographical book written…
Hitler's "Great Man": Reversing the Legacy
Dachau Crematorium

Dachau and Yad Vashem

Dachau, Munich Area, Germany The barracks and lavatories were drab grays and browns, concrete and bricks, lifeless, seemingly unfit for…
Dachau and Yad Vashem

Bubbe's Picks

Photograph: Kindertransport

Rescue of Children

Sep 04, 2023
During the Holocaust, countless Jewish organizations and individuals worldwide did what they could to save…
Photo: Dr Michal Majercik with his Wife and Child

Dr Michal Majercik

Jul 22, 2023
Janka-Hetty Fisch of Bratislava was seven years old in 1939 when Slovakia became an "independent" state under…
Photo of a Box Car on exhibit at Yad Vashem

Box Car

Jun 15, 2023
How did the Nazis transport people to the death camps? They used railroad Box Cars, which were essentially…
Adolfo Kaminsky

The Story of Adolfo Kaminsky

Apr 12, 2023
Adolfo Kaminsky was a courageous member of the French Resistance who dedicated three decades of his life to…

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