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A Sensible Person Gathers in Summer

“Yeshua went about all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom, and healing every…
A Sensible Person Gathers in Summer

The Heart of the Matter

Yeshua said something we should take careful note of in our spiritual walk with God.
The Heart of the Matter

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Why do we Have the Bible

Mar 23, 2021
It may seem like an odd question if you are already a Believer until you consider that the Children of Israel…

What Faith Looks Like

Feb 13, 2021
Some conscientious believers really want to know what being right with God looks like.

Trusting God Like Elijah

Jan 28, 2021
Sometimes we may feel like we cannot do a lot of things for God but we shouldn’t believe that God is unable…

Merciful Truth

Jan 04, 2021
The Jewish King, Solomon, provided us with the book of Proverbs.

Say Yes to the Dress

Dec 19, 2020
For those of you who are not familiar with “Say Yes to the Dress,” it is a T.V program in which those who are…

Lord, Lord, Have We Not...?

Nov 01, 2020
There is a very interesting and also troubling passage about the judgment at the end of the world.

Guilt by Association

Aug 28, 2020
“The Lord your God will cut off before you the nations you are about to invade and dispossess.

Save Your Body for Your Spouse

Aug 09, 2020
I have often heard people say things like “Save your body for your spouse.” I think believers in Yeshua would…

Struggling with Shame

Jul 16, 2020
A lot of people struggle with shame. It can be hard to be hopeful regarding one’s relationship with God while…

Love is Enough

Jun 27, 2020
It is very easy to make errors in theology while trying to avoid errors in theology.

Why Do We Sin?

Jun 13, 2020
Many believers in Yeshua want to do well but don’t always do it as well-meaning as they are.

Is Our Focus Wrong?

Feb 27, 2020
I came across the statement found on the business website of Tony Robbins, “The biggest mistake most…

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