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I was right in the middle of deceitWhen truth found me.Well I thought I was living lifeas one should be.
The Message

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In Passing Hellos

Jun 25, 2020
That’s all we can afford to give.We've been made to feel afraid of each other.They tell us each day.be…

In Those Days

Jun 08, 2020
Many will claim his name.In those days.

Avinu Malkenu

Sep 15, 2018
Avinu Malkenu, please show me how to get closer to You.

The Largeness of Love

Sep 03, 2017
I’ll try to define - One small word, LoveDoes fill all the earth - And heavens above

Hear, O Israel

Nov 16, 2014
Hear, my people, Israel,The Lord is one, the only God,And you shall worship him alone,For him reserve your…

Shabbat Poem

Nov 15, 2014
O' people, dear people the Sabbath day has comeand we are gathered as a familywith the setting of the sun.

I am Joseph

Oct 27, 2014
I see them as in carriages,Of stately royal hue,They're borne away, their task fulfilled,They're purses,…


Sep 09, 2014
Sebastian may be blind, but he can seeEverything extant to you and me.Because his sight is safely tucked…

Before One Reads the Torah

Aug 22, 2014
Before one reads the Torah, one must beAlight with love of G-d, as though a flameTook refuge in the temple of…

If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem

Jul 11, 2014
If I forget thee, Jerusalem,Then let my right be forgotten.Let my right be forgotten, and my left…

Heaven Will Be

May 27, 2014
We will be there in a perfect sinless place,In a perfect universe, in a perfect space.Where all are first and…

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