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Tom Kapusta

Tom Kapusta

Tom Kapusta loved his father. Tom was proud of his career in the military. After learning about the seventh day Sabbath, Tom's faith in God…
Tom Kapusta
Sidney Robboy

Sidney Robboy

Sidney Robboy was born in Russia during the cruel anti-Semitic pogroms of the Czars. When Sidney was a young boy, his family escaped from…
Sidney Robboy

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Photograph: Barbara Gurien & Dad

Barbara Gurien

Aug 20, 2023
Barbara Gurien was working as an ultrasound technologist when she went on a date with a Jewish man who…
Rachel Hyman

Rachel Hyman

Aug 07, 2023
Rachel Hyman was a fun-loving, happy, energetic child. The more active she was, the happier she was. She…
Photo: Flock of sheep inspiring reflection on the verse

The Lord is My Shepherd

Jul 28, 2023
I remember going on a Shabbat drive with family through the beautiful countryside somewhere in the middle of…
Clifford Goldstein

Clifford Goldstein

Jul 07, 2023
Clifford Goldstein will tell you that his family tree is full of typewriters, pens, and books. His blood is…
Photo: Alan Reinach

Alan Reinach

Jun 23, 2023
Outwardly Alan Reinach appeared to be an unlikely candidate for God's kingdom, but in his heart he was…
Iranian Jewish worshipers in Iran around the time of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Escape from Iran

May 01, 2023
In 1979 Iranian Jews were facing an unmitigated disaster.

Judy Field Carr - Miss Judy

Jan 21, 2023
For thirty years, the Jews of Syria knew that in the free world was a mysterious woman, "Miss Judy" doing…

Three Vital Tests

Jan 02, 2023
It was Mother’s Day. Ruthie opened an email from a cherished friend whom she chose not to name.

Sweet Lessons in Sad Places

Dec 29, 2022
It was fall and as the weather was getting colder with potentially stressful events approaching, a relative…

When it isn't So Bad

Nov 27, 2022
I was trying to work out one day and accidently twisted my ankle.

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Jeff Persitz

Jeff Persitz has always been a type-A let’s go for it kind of person. From the time of…

Tishah B'Av

Tishah B'Av. The Indistructable Temple.Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

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