Born in a Shi’ite village in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, a war from 1975-1990 mainly involving internal and regional disputes between local Muslim and Christian populations, Ibrahim Yassin watched as the Syrians, Palestineans, and Hezbollah destabilized and horrifically pillaged his homeland, disrupting the lives of his friends, family, and community.


Most American college graduates choose to start families, launch careers, and settle down into “adulthood.” University of Minnesota-Twin Cities graduate Sophie Stillman chose a unique path with her winter study abroad experience in Jerusalem catapulting her post-graduate life into that of service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).


Most of the time I prefer to write humorous, light hearted things.

This time I want to write something more serious. Not somber, but hopefully uplifting. Some years ago I came upon a short paragraph In a book that was life changing. I want to share it with you in the Hope that it will be life changing to you too!

“God’s care is over all of His children.

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